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Working Together Creating the Whitley Enterprise Workshop

Working together.

Working together to Design it!  Fix it! Make it!

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Working together


Working together with these people will help the project along.

 Mr John Ord – John is employed by a Lottery Fund agency to help the Whitley Big Local spend the million. He is here to assist not decide. In the main he will be a tool that we use to make sure we are getting value for money and social worth from our Million.  Working together is the motto.

Mr Alan Bunce      –  Freelance Writer and Editor for the local Newspapers

Mr Bhodi Sunth     –   Wingmen Associates – Financial Advisor

Mr Richard Jessel – During the last 7 years has been self employed designing and inventing – although throughout his life between employed status (mainly in the design fields) has been collecting a few Patents and seeing what they can do for him!  He is presently working on eco innovation and new concepts in letter box and cat flap design that keep out the draughts.

Associated Persons

Mr John Walford – Has  background in engineering,  having worked for  the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment in Aldermaston for a considerable period.  He is very keen that the people of Whitley should be working together towards a common goal.

Hemant Mehta – Retailer and much expertise in IT

 From the NEW  “Whitley Way” Newspaper… Working together

John Ord of the Whitley Big Local said:

“…This project is reaching very exciting stage now and it is essential that we find out the type of skills people want before we proceed.”

Lots of ideas and suggestions have been collected so far,  working together on how the workshop might be organised.  What’s in it,  who does it, how it might be supported and  funded,  what people could do,  where it might be located and what residents might get out of it.


Cafe – Community Centre – Northumberland Avenue-Whitley 

Working together and enjoy a CUPPA - imageRight at the heart the workshop a cafe is planned offering good food at affordable prices and this will be a place to sit together, plan and swap ideas and get to know others who can help each other.  Not only working together but a good base to brainstorm together. There will be a clear aim to create some form of social enterprise where residents themselves can run businesses that benefit the community and give them a useful job.

John added:  “We are actively looking for a place to locate this workshop.  Imagine a big space with different sections around the cafe offering a wide range of tool and equipment such as laser cutters,  lathes, drills, computers,  bench tools for wood and metal work,  shoe lasts, 3D printers,  engine and bike repair, sewing machines and basic electronics.  Come when you want at any time of the day or week – this is our aim.

“This workshop will be built around a team of local people working together and others,  with bags of different craft and engineering and technology skills: business could be run from here and it’s all about co-operation – a non-profit maker space where you can get and share the skills needed to set up your own business and create jobs locally. ”

That’s the main mission –

Working together to provide local jobs to support the Whitley economy

Richard Jessel is only too happy to provide various working equipment and tools necessary for work benches