Workshop Progress of the Whitley Enterprise project

Workshop Progress of the Whitley Enterprise project

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Workshop progress

Workshop progress  ♦ 14/01/15   John Ord meeting with a Jobcentre Plus Representative and a Representative from the Local Economic Development Dept of Borough Council at New Directions, Northumberland Avenue. Wednesday 14th January 15.  Richard Jessel was also in attendance.  Consequent meetings have taken place.

29/04/15 Open Meeting for the General Public to discuss ideas took place at the Community Centre

♦ 16/06/15  Meeting held in June.  Possible workspaces discussed.

♦ 01/07/16  First meeting of the Whitley Mens Shed / Workshop at New Directions

After much debating it did not materialise during this period, owing to many constraints developing along the way.

♦ 27/06/18  The website generally outlines Richards idea and what he wanted to achieve.   He particularly wanted the workshop to be FREE and to serve the Community of mixed ages,  with expert senior citizens helping youngsters learn trades.  After a very hopeful beginning,  the conditions altered. This however has not dampened his or the enthusiasm in general.

Although an electronics whizz Richard knows a bit about design having designed draughtproof products suitable to install within draughtproofing exercises at home.  Front and back letter boxes and recently “The Petflap”  with many more ideas or improvements to fertilise!