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Mens Shed Whitley Workshop Latest News and Updates. WEW

Mens Shed Whitley Workshop Latest NEWS and Updates. WEW

Mens Shed and Ladies GREAT SUCCESS!

Mens Shed at New Directions 

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Sarah enjoying it. 

Held today, the room was buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. Spread the word to make it evolve into a GREAT Men’s Shed in Whitley!

Contact Richard. “Get in touch”  using our in-line webform 

“come to chat;  come and have a cup of tea;  come to drink coffee;  come to brainstorm! and have a good time”

As you can see – Ladies VERY welcome.

"It doesn't work"

It doesn’t work”

Come along and join them.  Once a month and…


“It didn’t work but it does now!”


Hmmm… here is a quote from an article written by Lucy Mangan  of the Guardian – may cause debate!  Why women may need sheds more than men!

…”Apparently, pottering around doing odd jobs is therapeutic. There’s a sense of achievement that men get from starting a task and seeing it through to completion. It’s good for self-esteem. Unlike women, of course, who thrive on going at things half-arsedly and looking around with satisfaction at the end of a day at all the things they didn’t manage to finish…”  Read more in the Guardian article

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A good first day at the office! enlarge +  Photo: David Turner.


An example of a PAST promotion which was a great success.  it worked but its to find the way to whip up again and move forwards