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Mens Shed free Whitley Enterprise Workshop Group (WEW)

Original photo: David Turner

A FREE Mens Shed (Workshop) facility to help and enable any Whitley Resident

Have a look here!  this is what we wantED

♦Let those talents shine

♦ Making, adapting, repairing or creating anything!

♦ Dig around and find out what you can achieve

♦ No strings attached

♦No qualifications needed!

♦Everything you want, to add challenging ideas into the daily, weekly, monthly round

♦MAGIC tools and MAGIC equipment WILL BE MYSTERIOUSLY within your reach

♦ Drills, saws, lathes, laser cutters, 3D printers, you name them.

♦Whether a spring chic or hold a Degree in the University of Life,  if this sounds an astounding opportunity too good to miss, or to share with someone

Your tasks!

Get in touch! using our in- line contact form 

Please have a look at our in-line wish list and participate to help keep the new Whitley Mens Shed great.