Mens Shed Whitley Workshop Latest News and Updates. WEW

Mens Shed Whitley Workshop Latest NEWS and Updates. WEW

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Whitley Mens Shed for a Great Whitley Enterprise Workshop. For Ladies and Enterprising Youngsters too, ALL ages.  Photo: David Turner

Mens Shed and Ladies GREAT SUCCESS!

Mens Shed at New Directions  –  !Website in construction!

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Sarah enjoying it. 

Held today, the room was buzzing with energy and enthusiasm. Spread the word to make it evolve into a GREAT Men’s Shed in Whitley!

Contact Richard. “Get in touch”  using our in-line webform 

“come to chat;  come and have a cup of tea;  come to drink coffee;  come to brainstorm! and have a good time”

As you can see – Ladies VERY welcome.

"It doesn't work"
It doesn’t work”

Come along and join them.  Once a month and…


It didn’t work but it does now!


Hmmm… here is a quote from an article written by Lucy Mangan  of the Guardian – may cause debate!  Why women may need sheds more than men!

…”Apparently, pottering around doing odd jobs is therapeutic. There’s a sense of achievement that men get from starting a task and seeing it through to completion. It’s good for self-esteem. Unlike women, of course, who thrive on going at things half-arsedly and looking around with satisfaction at the end of a day at all the things they didn’t manage to finish…”  Read more in the Guardian article

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A good first day at the office! enlarge +  Photo: David Turner.

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Whitley Enterprise Workshop – design it! make it! repair it!

Whitley Enterprise Workshop – design it! make it! repair it!

Whitley Enterprise workshop - Richard and workbench - image

Whitley enterprise workshop would benefit from years of Richard’s equiping workshops.

To design, make,  fix  and  repair.  This will be an OPEN workshop

Whitley Enterprise Workshop is the idea of Richard Jessel – Inventor.  He has an inventive mind and has learned and implemented new skills.   A little rhyming snippet of experience!

  • Richard feels everyone should have a facility at the ready and learn to do…well…anything!

He would like the opportunity to start such a workshop for the people of Whitley, and now that 1,000,000 of Lottery money has been allocated, he’d like to see some of this apportioned towards starting a Whitley Enterprise Workshop.

Whitley Residents for those inclined, would benefit by renewing their skills and imparting  knowledge to others of all ages,  especially the unemployed to bring about confidence,  competence,  fulfilment,  and the possibility of setting up and starting their own business’s.

Whitley Enterprise Workshop - Community Centre Cafe Enlarge + - image
Community Centre Cafe-Northumberland Avenue-Whitley agj

What do you say?

Pop into the Whitley Cafe,  have a coffee and whilst biting on a delicious slice of cake,  discuss and share your thoughts at a future enterprise workshop meeting.  Watch this space!

You can contact Richard by using our in-line contact form for any queries.  “Get in touch.”

Reading Midweek Wednesday April 29th 2015

“Whitley residents have a rare chance to help decide what skills will be made available to local people in a project aimed at helping to improve prospects for those seeking work.

Whitley Community Development Association is drawing up plans for a collaborative workshop space where skilled people who can spare some time to pass on practical knowledge to others, such as the unemployed or under-employed.  The scheme is supported by Reading Borough Council,  JobCentre Plus and the Heritage Lottery-Funded Whitley  1 Million.

But to find out what skills are required organisers are putting on a people for people in the area to brainstorm ideas.  They will then cost the various options. Ed’s note: this has now taken place.

John Ord  of the Whitley Trust said…

“There is clearly a wealth of ability in the area and this project gives us the chance,  not just to utilise people’s talents but also to to give an opportunity to those who have skills they would be willing to pass on, the satisfaction of helping others.

” It may be that we can get companies to help but I’m sure there are skilled who are possibly retired who still have a lot to offer.

“The first thing we need to do is find out what skills people in Whitley want to learn so if if people are seeking work or want to improve their prospects,  I would urge them to come along and tell us what they want to learn. ” Ed’s note:  this has now taken place

” We can then investigate what we can provide.  It’s important we base this on the people this is about.”

Also working on the scheme is Richard Jessel who previously helped Kings Meadow Baths Campaign during which he also attempted with others,  a similar kind of learning base to restore the Baths.  He now hopes to see a fuller scheme work within Whitley.”

Ed’s note:  The event was held on Wednesday April 29th from 12.30 to 2pm at the Whitley Cafe/Bar in the South Reading Community Centre, 252 – 260 Northumberland Avenue.