Whitley Enterprise Workshop Mens Ladies Shed Lead Up

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Original photo: David Turner

Whitley Workshop and Enterprise Workshop Lead Up

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Whitley Workshop …Mens Shed…Ladies…Youngsters!


Local residents in Whitley are working with the Men’s Shed to start up a smaller satellite group in Whitley. The sessions will run at New Directions, from 2pm-4pm on the first Friday of every month, launching on Friday 1st July. The sessions are open to everyone (including women and enterprising youngsters!). People can bring along small items that need repairing or just drop in to socialise and find out more about the workshop. Best of all it’s totally FREE!!


It’s beginning to happen! A workshop for ANYONE to attend – both sexes! Any age! Please see the official poster which is now being circulated. You may find this BBC Healthy Link of Interest.  Gardening is better than medication!

Why not give a clue to your interests by going to the anonymous poll pages.

If not – no worries, come along and tell us! you can be set up and taught with whatever . Just gives WEW a CLUE… that’s all! (for any future planning.) You can read about enterprising Richard on the other posts. 

Whitley Workshop idea of Richard WORKS! thanks to the BBC showing this documentary…A taster from the BBC about such a workshop going overboard in success.

– Watch here

But…he didn’t need to prove it – he just knew. Thanks to this broadcast he has now been offered initial workspace. Watch this space!

Talking of one Friday every month to start? Could be more though!


Latest News At Whitley Community Centre Cafe 252 Northumberland Avenue.

A taster REPAIR CAFE was hosted between 09.30 – 12.30pm on Saturday morning 20th February2016 Previously at Jackson’s Corner Reading.

Good to see so many pop in and bring their possessions to be be fixed. They brought along anything that doesn’t work! but drew the line at the old man and the kids. (They knew it couldn’t be promised to fix them! but you never knew!) Tea, coffee and cakes available from the cafe were served. They just popped in and it was a very good atmosphere


Mens Shed free Whitley Enterprise Workshop Group (WEW)

A FREE Mens Shed (Workshop) facility to help and enable any Whitley Resident

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Original photo: David Turner

Have a look here!

♦Let those talents shine

♦ Making, adapting, repairing or creating anything!

♦ Dig around and find out what you can achieve

♦ No strings attached

♦No qualifications needed!

♦Everything you want, to add challenging ideas into the daily, weekly, monthly round

♦MAGIC tools and MAGIC equipment WILL BE MYSTERIOUSLY within your reach

♦ Drills, saws, lathes, laser cutters, 3D printers, you name them.

♦Whether a spring chic or hold a Degree in the University of Life,  if this sounds an astounding opportunity too good to miss, or to share with someone

Your tasks!

Get in touch! using our in- line contact form 

Please have a look at our in-line wish list and participate to help keep the new Whitley Mens Shed great.