Whitley Enterprise Workshop Mens Ladies Shed Lead Up

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Whitley Workshop and Enterprise Workshop Lead Up

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Whitley Workshop …Mens Shed…Ladies…Youngsters!


Local residents in Whitley are working with the Men’s Shed to start up a smaller satellite group in Whitley. The sessions will run at New Directions, from 2pm-4pm on the first Friday of every month, launching on Friday 1st July. The sessions are open to everyone (including women and enterprising youngsters!). People can bring along small items that need repairing or just drop in to socialise and find out more about the workshop. Best of all it’s totally FREE!!


It’s beginning to happen! A workshop for ANYONE to attend – both sexes! Any age! Please see the official poster which is now being circulated. You may find this BBC Healthy Link of Interest.  Gardening is better than medication!

Why not give a clue to your interests by going to the anonymous poll pages.

If not – no worries, come along and tell us! you can be set up and taught with whatever . Just gives WEW a CLUE… that’s all! (for any future planning.) You can read about enterprising Richard on the other posts. 

Whitley Workshop idea of Richard WORKS! thanks to the BBC showing this documentary…A taster from the BBC about such a workshop going overboard in success.

– Watch here

But…he didn’t need to prove it – he just knew. Thanks to this broadcast he has now been offered initial workspace. Watch this space!

Talking of one Friday every month to start? Could be more though!


Latest News At Whitley Community Centre Cafe 252 Northumberland Avenue.

A taster REPAIR CAFE was hosted between 09.30 – 12.30pm on Saturday morning 20th February2016 Previously at Jackson’s Corner Reading.

Good to see so many pop in and bring their possessions to be be fixed. They brought along anything that doesn’t work! but drew the line at the old man and the kids. (They knew it couldn’t be promised to fix them! but you never knew!) Tea, coffee and cakes available from the cafe were served. They just popped in and it was a very good atmosphere


Inventor High’s and Low’s…in Rhyme! Persevere all the Time

Inventor of the Wheel meets Inventor of the Deal
When the Inventor of the Wheel meets the Inventor of the Deal

 Long hard journey

  For Inventors!

“It’s good, it’s brilliant and where did you get the idea?
When it’s available to buy there’ll be orders from us – NO fear.”
Off to the superstores and warehouses with prototype to show,
“How great! wow…what a awesome invention!  when they’re around please let us know.”

How often my partner and I have heard all this before,
We know it’s good,  the market’s there,  and is needed more and more.
But the work and the effort over a decade – we thought was almost in vain,
To get it produced was disappointing and let down again and again.

The phone and the fax ringing all day, potential customers enquired
About the Invention, they’ve heard on the grapevine –  how CAN it be acquired?
Via media, overseas and home, with lists of clients long…
“Are they manufactured yet?” was the persistent song.

There have been many downfalls,  highs and lows,
Once passed the bouncers many companies say “How clever!” – but NOTHING – that’s the way it goes.
Spending on Patents, expending much energy and stress,
No-one gives a definate NO,  but then no-one says a definate YES.

Miles and miles of travel,  securing appointments one after the other ,
Moral is boosted to exhileration,  only to find in time they just don’t bother.
As soon as you’re out of the door there is proof it’s all forgotten,
But to us and our passion it’s real, and it all seems so rotten.

Manufacturers shelve ideas… best for them that would be the best!
But how can they possibly know this without putting concepts to the test?
Those that were successful we turned to for advice,
The response being “Sorry I can’t help you, but the product is “very naice.”

Despite the knock downs, an Innovator and his Partner must show plenty of faith – it’s TOUGH,
There comes many a time when one feels you’ve simply had enough.
It’s a lonely expensive business just the two of you,
And despite, commitment and endeavour there’s only so much you can do.

You begin to wonder despite the “hearing’s” whether it may not be as good as you think,
If companies were not prepared to help,  there must be a chink?
Fuelled with more determination you hang on in there and continue persevering,
Despite many sacrifices,  midnight oil burning, days become nights, you persist in believing.

Prospective clients keep hammering the point “the product will sell”,
It’s disturbing and humiliating,  you know this fact oh! so well.
With no-one to make commitments,  sign on the dotted line, you suffer duress,
All that Innovation?…  just lying around…useless.

But SUDDENLY your day arrives,  you have a deal!
What were everlasting speculations and fantasies now become very real.
Now EVERYONE wants a slice of the action,  as they come bounding over to you,
There’s interest,  motivation, there’s action,  they’ll do anything for you.

Sell outs,  Industrial Awards, National Press, having to keep check on the stock,
National and International the  dreams of your life just running amock
Why oh why does it have to be all this way,
The years of struggling, and the belief, until you reach this day.

One thing’s for certain, past reticent ones could come chasing – the tables being turned,
Recalling the days we needed THEM – and we were spurned,
This particular Inventor would like to help budding Inventors, recalling those days
Advising and mentoring,  and helping them to better ways

Believe in YOURSELF is the order of the day,
Trust your focus, it doesn’t matter what others say.
Keep striving and driving through obstacles that could block your way,
Whether the suns shining or not, ” JUST MAKE THAT HAY”……………...it will be deserved.

First written 2009 Anne Green Jessel
To be found on  http://www.my-anyany.blogspot.co.uk/